¹According to the general ruling on isolation from close contacts, persons with a suspected infection and persons
tested positive for the coronavirus in your district or municipality in the Free State of Saxony – see relevant internet
Obligation to self-isolate: information for PERSONS WITH SUSPECTED SARS-CoV-2
coronavirus infection
A SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection is suspected, based on typical symptoms or a positive self-test
performed without expert supervision.
Your cooperation and responsible conduct are now required.
You must
ensure that you do not infect other people until your infection status has been cleared or
your recovery has been confirmed. This means you must isolate yourself (go into quarantine/isolation)
immediately after testing.
You now have the following
Persons who have tested themselves positive without expert supervision must have a PCR test
carried out immediately. You do not have to pay for the PCR test yourself because you are
entitled to it (Coronavirus Test Ordinance).
You must stay in your home or accommodation and may spend time in an adjoining garden,
terrace or balcony only alone.
You may only leave your home or accommodation to go for the test or if the health authority
has given prior consent.
If you live with other people, you must avoid close contact with them. This is possible in a shared
home if you 'separate in time' (e.g. eat one after the other and not together) and 'separate in
space' (e.g. stay in separate rooms).
Please inform members of your household that you have a suspected infection and tell them to
reduce their contact with others.
You must not receive visitors who are not part of your household.
Please inform your employer that you have a suspected coronavirus infection. If you are on sick
leave, your employer must continue to pay your wages in the event of illness. If you are not on
sick leave and it is possible for you to work from home, you may do so. If this is not possible,
there may be the possibility of compensation. You can find detailed
on this on the
Saxony Regional Directorate website at
If your health condition worsens: Please report to the health authority and seek medical help if
necessary (inform them that you have a suspected infection).
When does the obligation to self-isolate end?
If the test result (PCR test) is negative:
then the isolation ends as soon as you know the test
result. You have the right to have the negative test result confirmed in writing or electronically.
If the test result (PCR test) is positive:
the isolation must continue. Your isolation ends 14 days
after initial detection of the pathogen (test) or onset of symptoms. It may be extended in certain
What else do you need to do if a suspected infection is confirmed?
You must continue to isolate yourself, and you must also observe the following:
If you live with other people and have had close contact with them in the last two days, you
must immediately inform members of your household (e.g. family or flatmates) of your positive

result and tell them that they must also isolate themselves. The public health authority may
exempt from isolation fully vaccinated persons and persons who were themselves infected with
the coronavirus within the last six months.
You must inform your other close contacts outside your household about the positive test result
and the disclosure of their contact details to the public health authority. Please advise your
contacts to also watch out for symptoms of the disease and minimise their contacts as a
Activate the Corona-Warn-App if necessary.
Note down in a diary whether you have any symptoms of illness and if so, what they are. This
can be important in determining the end of the isolation period.
You must report to the health authority and inform them of the test result. You must inform the
health authority of the following:
Your name, a postal and, if applicable, email address and telephone number
The names of members of your household and other close contacts. In particular, these
are people with whom you had contact in the two days before your test or symptoms,
the close contact lasted for more than 10 minutes or
at a distance of less than 1.5 metres and both persons were not wearing mouth-
nose protection
you were in a poorly ventilated room with the person.
If the contact persons may be exempt from isolation due to complete vaccination or prior
infection, the health authority must be informed of this. Exemption from isolation is at the
discretion of the health authority.
Please check the website of your district or municipality to find out the correct forms and
contact details for reporting. Please use these!
You can find more information about the coronavirus and support services on the websites of your
district or municipality and at
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