EMFA 2022, 25 - 26 August, Dresden
General Information
Getting there:
Dresden has an (allegedly) international airport, but most connections from
abroad will be not be direct, but via other airports in Germany (mainly
Munich, Frankfurt).
Dresden Airport has an “S-Bahn” station and a bus station. To get to the city
centre the S-Bahn is a good and quick option, depending on the localisation
of your accomodation. Tickets can be bought at a vending machine at the
underground station (costs of a single fare €2,50 - in February 2022). A taxi
would cost about €30,-.
Booking a flight to Berlin or Leipzig/Halle and traveling onward by train or
rental car might be an option too. From Berlin, the trip to Dresden by train
takes about 2, from Leipzig about 1 hour.
Choosing Your Accomodation:
On the map on page 2, both meeting venues are marked with red stars.
The areas outlines in red are those with a lot of bars and restaurants with
outdoor facilities. A lot of young people go out in this area. Although it is very
nice to spend an evening there, it might be quite noisy during the night, so it
may not be the best choice if you favour a quiet sleeping accomodation.
Further organizational details:
On Google Play / iOS you can download the free Dresden App for easier
getting around.