EMFA 2022, 25 - 26 August, Dresden
Guidelines for oral presentations
The maximum duration of presentations is 20 minutes, after that 5 minutes for
questions and answers will be available.
To estimate the amount of speaking time needed, you should calculate 1-2
minutes per slide.
Texts should be large enough to be read from a distance, so
all texts should be
20 pt. minimum
Please bring your presentation on a USB flash drive (be sure to save a copy on
your cloud account or on a second USB drive!) and copy it onto the laptop or
PC beforehand or during the breaks. There will be someone there to assist.
Presentations should be in PPT- or PPTX-format, or alternatively as a PDF, and
generated under Windows.
If you wish to use multimedia content like videos, please mention this, so it can
be tested if they run smoothly and with sound beforehand.
Guidelines for poster presentations
The format should be size A1 or A0, and the poster should contain enlarged text
and key figures that are easy to read from a distance. We can print your poster
in-house for free. You may want to bring a small stack of A4 copies of your
poster, to be given as handouts.
The last presentation slot on Friday will be reserved for 5-minute presentations
of each poster.
Please be aware that posters will be on display only on Friday, due to the
change of venue!