10th European Meeting on Forensic Archaeology
25 - 26 August 2022
Dresden, Germany
Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of the Archaeological Heritage Office of Saxony, the Federal Criminal
Investigation Office of Germany and the ENFSI SoC Subgroup Forensic Archaeology, we
are delighted to invite you to the 10th European Meeting on Forensic Archaeology
(EMFA 2022), taking place from 25 – 26 August in Dresden, Germany.
This scientific meeting will bring together practitioners, researchers and educators, who
are engaged in Forensic Archaeology and neighbouring fields.
and requirements of Forensic Archaeology will be discussed and
case studies as
well as actual research and development projects
will be presented
(in the fields of
excavation/documentation methods, anthropology, GIS, geophysics, human
soil forensics
etc.). Furthermore, an update on current developments in the
ENFSI Scene of Crime Group will be given.
First Call for Papers
You and your colleagues are kindly invited to give an oral presentation and/or present a
poster during EMFA 2022, on the forensic topics mentioned above. You can submit your
abstract(s) –of 300 words max. each– of oral and poster presentations as soon as possible
not later than Monday, 20
June 2022 (week 25)
. Please send your abstract(s)
.docx or .pdf
format to:
(lower case l, as in "like", not a
capital I as in Italy).
Information and Registration
A registration fee of €105,- will be requested to cover all conference costs, including
coffee breaks and lunches. The conference dinner on Thursday evening is optional. To
register, please fill out the form you received with this invitation and email it to the
address mentioned above. Please tick the boxes of the workshops or tours you would like
to attend
(the tours will cost some additional money). Please
also mention any food
allergies or other special needs. Payment is only possible per bank transfer. To pay, see
the instructions on the registration form.
For more information, check our website:
can download all necessary
from this site,
including the registration form.
Any announcements concerning the meeting will be posted there
as well.
We thank you in advance and hope to
you in Dresden, Germany!
Yours sincerely,
Patricia van der Burgt,
Heritage Office (,
Ralf Neumann, Federal Criminal Investigation Office (,
Mike Groen, ENFSI Forensic Archaeology (
© Landesamt für Archäologie Sachsen, R. Heynowski 2005