Focal points of the Saxon innovation strategy and
„smart specialisation made in Saxony“
Creating innovation-friendly framework conditions
Level playing field in competition
Debureaucratisation of innovation-relevant systems of rules and processes
Fostering curiosity, thirst for knowledge, readiness to assume risks, fault tolerance, up to a
positive attitude towards entrepreneurship and openness for new products
Incentives / obligations for the cooperation of science with the regional business
Protection of knowledge and of innovation
Focusing research – fostering excellence
Basic and applied research, in particular on future fields and Key Enabling Technologies
Output orientation of research and development
Strengthening excellent research undertaken in universities and research organisations
through participation in national and international tenders
Consequent use of federal and EU programmes (Structural Funds, for Research and
Technological Development) in order to strengthen Saxon research and technology
Securing human resource development
Strengthening human competence and improving the occupational conditions in SMEs
Securing a high-level infantile and school education
Recruiting highly qualified persons (identifying and holding “masterminds”)
Expansion of capacities for and activities of further training at the universities
Development of a family-friendly infrastructure and family-related services
Strengthening the continuation education (new structures, special courses of study)
Reshaping general business development into innovation development
Continuation and targeted expansion of the technologically neutral R&D&I state aid
Support of the transfer process science – economy
Support of market introduction
Strengthening venture capital environment
Strengthening corporate innovation processes
Establishing an innovation culture
Implementation of innovation management into the strategic tasks
Cross-sector, cross-technology and cross-state orientation of the innovation activities (cross
Development of future fields
Interconnection between products and services (hybridisation)
Developing Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) as enablers of the macroeconomic
Attaining and supporting unique selling propositions, in particular in the following fields::
Microelectronics and nanoelectronics
Organic electronics
Advanced materials
Advanced manufacturing systems
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