State Mining Authority of Saxony
Kirchgasse 11
09599 Freiberg
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State Mining Authority of Saxony
Kirchgasse 11
09599 Freiberg
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Raw Materials are the future
New mining in Saxony

Geological Survey
In Saxony, the tasks of the State Geological Survey are performed by
the Geology department at the Saxon State Office for Environment,
Agriculture and Geology. Mining-related focal areas include geolo-
gical surveying, securing, assessing and providing geological data
and information, and advising companies on geological and raw
material issues.
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Geokompetenzzentrum Freiberg e. V.
The Geokompetenzzentrum is one of Germany’s largest interdiscipli-
nary networks, and pools business, scientific and management skills.
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Freiberg University of Mining and Technology
The world’s oldest mining university stands for experience and skills in
all areas of raw material research, from deposit formation, to searches
and exploration, to the mining and treatment of raw material.
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Helmholtz Institute Freiberg
for Resource Technology
As part of the Dresden-Rossendorf Helmholtz Centre, the research
institute develops innovative technologies designed to provide the
economy with mineral (especially metallic) resources, and recycle
these in an environmentally friendly manner. It co-operates closely
with the Freiberg University of Mining and Technology.
Tel. +49 (0)351 2604430
Saxony, Land of Mining
Saxony is a land rich in raw materials, with a centuries-old montane
tradition and a modern, efficient mining industry. The Saxon Raw
Material Strategy, passed by the Saxon state government in 2012,
has improved opportunities in the raw material economy over the
long term, and further established the Free State as a land of mining
and a hub for base materials.
On-site skills
Want to explore mineral resources or find partners for your project?
Interested in raw material data and geodata? Below you will find a
list of management, business and science contacts forming a close
network at the geo-hub of Freiberg in particular, and who can offer
their skills and experience to help you with your mining project.
Saxon State Ministry of Economic Affairs,
Labour and Transport
The Saxon State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour and Trans-
port is the state’s supreme mining authority. It is responsible for the
strategic focus of Saxon raw material policy.
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State Mining Authority of Saxony
Ore and spar mining in the Free State of Saxony is governed by the
Germany-wide Federal Mining Act (BBergG). Based in Freiberg, the
State Mining Authority of Saxony is the official, executive authority
for this act. It grants mining permits for mineral resources to be
explored and mined, and also supervises active and rehabilitative
Tel. +49 (0)3731 372-0 |