EuProNet – SMWK Guideline for
European and international research networking
The world's largest research and innovation programme of the European
(approx. 75 billion euros, duration: 2014 to
2020), as well as EU coordination instruments such as
are the most
important instruments for shaping the
from basic research to market launch.
The Saxon State Ministry for Science, Culture and Tourism (SMWK)
supports the participation of Saxon universities and research institutions
in competitive European research programmes through the
On the basis of this guideline, for example, the preparation of
applications for network activities (EuProNet "initial funding") and
research projects can be funded.
Among other things, the EuProNet guideline serves to maintain and
expand Saxony as a European region of research, development and
innovation and is intended to strengthen its global competitiveness.
Saxon universities and research institutions are supported in their active
participation in international networks and transnational joint projects.
An important aspect is the support of collaborative research with
European and international partners in order to strengthen Saxony's
visibility in research and innovation and to increase the chances of raising
Discover the funding possibilities of the EuProNet guideline of the SMWK!
1) Thematic project funding with international partners
Saxon researchers who are interested in collaborations with international
partners do not need to only focus on calls of the European Research
Framework Horizon 2020 (Horizon Europe from 2021).
To the contrary, they can also submit proposals in ERA-Net-Calls.
The Public-Public Partnerships (P2Ps) in research and innovation are
programme managers) from interested EU countries and beyond, that
join forces to support research activities under an agreed vision or
research and innovation agenda. These network activities are supported
by the European Commission.
In this way, the partnerships align national strategies, helping to
overcome fragmentation of public research effort and strengthen the
cooperation between national/ regional public organisations. For
example, priority topics of top-level research in Saxony can be included
by the SMWK in ERA-Net calls and the evaluation procedure can be co-
The main and compulsory activity of the ERA-NET Cofund under Horizon
2020 is the implementation of one project call with top-up funding of 33%
from the European Commission that leads to the funding of trans-
national research and/or innovation projects. In addition to the co-
funded call the consortia may implement other joint activities including
other joint calls without EU co-funding.

With its partnership in the ERA-Nets, the Free State of Saxony contributes
to increasing the excellence and international competitiveness of
Saxony's universities and research institutions. At the same time, their
European networking and visibility is strengthened in a new quality.
Thematic Areas and procedure
The SMWK funds interdisciplinary research projects with international
partners in the following areas
Biotechnologies –
Personalised Medicine –
Material science and engineering –
Saxon research institutions, universities and companies can participate in
regular thematic calls for proposals and submit projects together with
partners. The projects are reviewed by external international experts in
the evaluation process and subsequently recommended for funding.
Positively evaluated Saxon project proposals can be funded via the
EuProNet guideline (funding object 1).
For Saxon reviewers
Saxon experts have the opportunity to become acquainted with the
evaluation processes in an ERA-Net as reviewers, to deepen networks and
exchange and to gain experience for their own applications in competitive
EU research funding programmes. The experts evaluate the submitted
proposals according to specified criteria, prepare an anonymous
evaluation report and draw up the ranking list. The ranking list
determines the funding of the individual projects by the participating
countries and regions.

Experts should not submit or evaluate their own projects in the respective
call, as there may be conflicts of interest. If you are interested, please
contact the relevant contact person at the SMWK.
2) EuProNet – “initial funding”
The application process in competitive European research funding
programmes such as HORIZON 2020 or European Research Networks
(ERA-Nets) is usually very time and resource intensive. Therefore, the
SMWK supports scientists of Saxon universities and research institutions
in the preparation of applications in these programmes with the
EuProNet "initial funding" (funding object 2).
The application for EuProNet "initial funding" measures within the
preparation process of the EU application can be submitted for the phase
(shortly) before the deadline in the European funding programme. These
measures may include
expenses/costs, e.g. for the
coordination and preparation of the EU application, as well as travel
expenses, e.g. for business trips or the organisation of networking
meetings with several partners of the project consortium, as well as other
material expenses or costs and external services, such as subcontracting
the proofreading of the EU application.
The SMWK regularly publishes calls for proposals for EuProNet "initial
funding" on its website and through the official information channels.
The start of the EuProNet projects is flexible, the end of the EuProNet
projects is the EU deadline.
Saxon universities, research centres in Saxony, institutionally funded non-
university research institutions based in Saxony as well as non-profit
research institutions with the status of an associated institute are eligible
for application.
The following requirements should be met for applying for EuProNet
"initial funding":
Identified a suitable call in a competitive European research
first project ideas
assembled a core consortium with partners
necessarily infrastructure for project implementation
The EuProNet application is to be submitted to the Sächsische
Aufbaubank SAB as the approval authority and is then evaluated by SAB
and SMWK. After approval by the SAB, the preparatory project for the
application can be carried out and the completed application can be
submitted to the European competitive funding programme on time.

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