Saxon State Ministry of Social Affairs & Cohesion (SMS)
Saxon State Ministry of the Interior (SMI)
Saxon State Ministry of Justice and for Democracy,
Europe and Equality (SMJusDEG)
Public Prosecution Office, Dresden
State Criminal Police Office and Police Commissioner
for Victim Protection
Kommunaler Sozialverband Sachsen (KSV)
Municipal health authorities
Municipal fire and disaster-protection authorities
Unfallkasse Sachsen and Sächsische Unfallversicherung DGUV
Weisser Ring Landesverband Sachsen e. V.
Opferhilfe Sachsen e. V.
RAA Sachsen e. V.
DRK Landesverband e. V., Psychosocial crisis
Landesverband für Psychosoziale Notfallversorgung
Sachsen, Krisenintervention und Notfallseelsorge
Dresden e. V.
Saxon Bar Association
Saxon State Medical Association
Ostdeutsche Psychotherapeutenkammer
Traumanetz Seelische Gesundheit Sachsen
Health funds
Krankenhausgesellschaft Sachsen e.V.
German Institute for Human Rights
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Office of the Saxon State Government Commissioner for
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Office of the Commissioner for Victims
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August 2020
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Office of the Commissioner for Victims
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The Saxon State Government’s
Commissioner for Victims
A service for victims of and those
affected by major catastrophic events
Our partners (a selection)

Emergency aid helps, but what
comes after that?
After major catastrophic events, assisting victims, family
members, survivors and other affected parties, and
representing their interests as a direct point of contact, is
designed to help them process what they have endured.
Saxon State Government’s Commissioner
for Victims: Iris Kloppich
Saxon State Ministry of Social Affairs &
0351 564-55099
What to do in an emergency?
Important contacts
Fire/rescue service
Authorities’ emergency call 115
The Saxon Commissioner for Victims acts as a ‘guide’,
arranging suitable support services for those who need it.
Its aim is to ensure citizens are not left alone in these
sudden, exceptional and difficult situations, and to support
them with advice and action.
0351 564-55099
Weisser Ring e.V. – Help
for victims of crime
116 006
Tasks of the Saxon Commissioner for
To provide fast, effective and empathetic assistance in
sudden and particularly lasting situations following a
major catastrophic event or serious criminal act
To develop the victim-protection service and assistance
for affected parties within and outside of Saxony
To assist and represent the interests of victims, family
members, survivors and close contacts, witnesses, other
affected parties and helpers as a direct point of contact
To act as a ‘guide’, i.e. putting affected parties in contact
with the relevant help services and governmental and
non-governmental institutions, not leaving them alone,
and assisting them with advice and action.
To establish and maintain a well functioning network and
authorities, as well as with governmental prevention
institutions and various organisations and associations
operating in this field
Counselling and assistance
Psychological support and psychotraumatology
Medical care
Finding a hospital
Looking for family members
Legal aid
Grief assistance
Payment of damages under the Victim Compensation Act
Hardship services
Your name
0172 36 41041 (Leipzig)
0172 79 23427 (Chemnitz)
0174 78 19661 (East Saxony)
To draw on the federal government’s and other states’
experience for Saxony’s benefit
To network the structures of existing regional and
national aid services
0800 0009 546
Your location
Your telephone number, and email address if applicable
What happened
Your request
Wait for follow-up questions!
Terrorist attacks, shooting rampages, criminal acts of
extremism or major accidents and other catastrophes
usually occur suddenly.
Your contact
Assistance for traffic-
accident victims
0800 806 3338
Emergency legal service for
criminal cases
0172 79 55559 (Dresden)
Emergency call for the German federal
government’s Commissioner for Victims
in the case of terrorist attacks
We inform and guide you in the
Criminal acts of terrorism or extremism causing harm to a
large number of people, individual cases of extreme
criminality, and major traffic accidents call for rapid and
ongoing support and assistance.
Emergency blocking service,
e.g. for bank & credit cards
116 116
Medical emergency service
116 117
Patient transport
19 222
Telephone counselling
0800 1110 111, -222
After-hours pharmacy finder
0800 0022 833
Traffic accident reporting
0800 6683 663
from abroad
+49 40 300 330 300
Helpline Dresden –
emergency number for
0351 850 75222
Opferhilfe Sachsen e. V.
0351 80101 339
Poisoning hotline
0361 730 730
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