GMES Urban Service, as a
contribution to regional soil
protection for the Region of
Bernd Siemer
Saxon State Office for Environment, Agriculture, Geology

Investigated Administration districts in Saxony
Area: > 1100 km²

26 classes
> 11000 polygons

Review by the User
by using
- digital Orthophotos
- katastral datas

Example: City of Chemnitz

Example: City of Freiberg and villages near by

Results of the comparison
very good classification results of the urban area
a detailed coverage of the urban density
- for example the urban land use in big cities (Chemnitz) with
many informations of different land use and land consumption
- for example the urban land use in rural regions with elongated
structures and cutting effects and land consumption
a homogeneous record in the whole area
all information in vector format: a user can change the land
use information if it is necessary

How can the information be used ?
Settlement mask with different urban aspects
Places with different density of settlement are correlated with different
degrees of soil sealing, so the information also can be used as a
overview of a sealing map.
General suitability as a monitor für urban land use change, for example
at intervals of 3 - 5 years.
Applicability in the local planning rather not. Here is the information
more supportive. But in local planning without any other base-
information the GSE-Land may be applicable.
For tasks of regional planning, the information is of high importance.

The target for GSE-Land is the application of technical standards
at acceptable costs.
Problems are always on when a data homogeneity doesn‘t exist.
I therefore recommend that the number of possible classification
units in the entire study area is constant.
In Saxony there is a high daily soil consumption also in the
rural area. In the GSE-classification only the fast track areas
with mixed and residential use are involved. Commercial,
industrial and agricultural buildings and sealing's are covered
in the Fast Track but they are in GSE-Land not include. This is

Thank you for your attention!