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“Common Future Vision
for the German-Polish Interaction Area - Horizon 2030”
The regional dimension - example of relations between Lower Silesia and Saxony
June 2019, 6.00 p.m.
Saxony Liaison Office Brussels
Avenue d’Auderghem 67
B-1040 Brussels
Deepening mutual relations by strengthening the socio-economic, transport, communication-based
and administrative links is a necessary condition for achieving the strategic objective of a common
area of growth in Europe.
Launched in December 2016 “Common Future Vision for the German-Polish Interaction Area -
Horizon 2030” is a spatial planning vision for the area on both sides of the Oder and Lusatian
Neisse rivers in 2030. The document has been prepared by the Spatial Development Committee of
the German-Polish Governmental Commission for Regional and Cross-Border Cooperation and
contributes to the implementation of the agreements on Good-Neighbourliness and Friendly
Cooperation between Poland and Germany.
Implementing the Strategy requires an integrated approach and numerous activities conducted on
different levels and backed by a great number of people and institutions. In this regard, the
Common Future Vision 2030 indicates certain guidelines for development which focus on the areas
of key importance for a future development of Polish-German borderland.
During the event, organized in the framework of the 20
anniversary of cooperation between the
Lower Silesia Region and the Free State of Saxony, experts from both partner regions will discuss
the role of bilateral partnership, as well as present joint initiatives that may contribute to deepening
cross-border cooperation and creating an interaction area at the Polish-German border.

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6.00 p.m.
Admission and registration
6.30 p.m.
Christian Avenarius
Director of the Saxony Liaison Office Brussels
Representative of Lower Silesia Regional Parliament
6.40 p.m.
Detlef Herz
Joint Spatial Planning Department Berlin-Brandenburg
Dr. Maciej Zathey
Institute for Territorial Development, Lower Silesia
7.00 p.m.
Discussion with the experts
Chaired by:
Uwe Behnisch
Director of the Free State of Saxony's Liaison Office
in Wrocław
7.45 p.m.
Walking Buffet
Organizational information
Pictures taken during this event and of the participants may be used for purposes of public relation work or coverage, for
event-related documentation and for the social media communication of the Free State of Saxony and its cooperation
partners. In participating the event you give consent to the usage of this photographic material.
You have received this invitation because we have saved your contact details in our invitation database. You can withdraw
consent to the further storage and usage of your data at any time by contacting us (
Personal data collected for the registration will be stored for documentation purposes and will be used for securing the access
to the event.
For your own safety we reserve the right to admit access to registered guests only and to carry out checks of ID cards and
Please ensure that your participation in the event is consistent with any rules and regulations related to your professional
This event is co-financed through public funds according to the budget decided by the Saxon State Parliament.

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Evening event
“Common Future Vision
for the German-Polish Interaction Area - Horizon 2030”
The regional dimension - example of relations between Lower Silesia and Saxony
Please reply until 12
June 2019
per email:
Please use printed letters.
I will take part
I will take part and will be accompanied
I will not take part
at the evening event at the Saxony Liaison Office Brussels on 18
June 2019.
Name, Surname:
Accompanying person: _________________________________________________________
How to get there
Please observe that parking around the venue is limited and with costs.
You will reach the venue with public transport as follows:
from the airport: Bus line 12 until stop Schuman
from Gare du Midi: Metro line 2 or 6 (direction Simonis or Elisabeth) until Arts-Loi, change to line 1 (direction Stockel) or line 5
(direction Herrmann-Debroux) until stop Schuman
from the place Schuman by foot approx. 7 minutes or Bus line 36 to stop Nerviens